Arts & Craft

The most exciting and vital aspects of the Bhutanese tradition and heritage are found in its arts and crafts. Much of Bhutanese spiritual and intellectual life is manifested through its arts. Bhutanese arts are not primarily concerned with abstracts of ‘beauty’ (that may appeal to few), but with interpretation of values and beliefs that are held by vast majority and which embody the eternal stream of life or consciousness. It is a subjective process deeply imbued with strong sense of morality, with many art forms epitomizing the eternal struggle between forces of good and evil. Bhutanese arts and crafts, particularly those that are religious in their thematic content, follow strict iconographic rules. Merit can be earned only if the prescribed rules are strictly followed. Bhutanese arts have been influenced largely by Tibetan & Indian. Artworks are mainly created for religious purposes since artists were traditionally monks. Nowadays, artists can be anyone who has artistic gift. The main work of art is to gain merit.

Weaving & Textiles

One of the unique features of Bhutanese weaving is the hand woven textile, which is closely related to its cultural heritage. In Bhutan, textiles are considered the highest form of art and spiritual expression. The knowledge and skills required to create these textiles have been passed down through matriarchal and Buddhist Lama Lineages for countless generations. By utilizing primarily the simple back-strap loom, the Thunder Dragon People have crafted one of the most advanced and sophisticated weaving cultures in the history of civilization. Traditional designs are often depicted in murals that adorn the walls of temples and Dzongs, which are synonymous with Bhutanese culture. Visitors in Bhutan leave with vivid memories of people adorned with most impressive fabrics. Colorful bands of supplementary-wrap patterning and the unique supplementary-weft patterning are the techniques employed to adorn these commendable hand oven textiles. Traditional weavers are viewed as esteemed and prestigious artists, highly skilled in the manufacture of cloth through their dedicated labor and use of indigenous, imported and prized raw materials and dyes.

Shopping & Prices

Arts and crafts are priced very expensively in Bhutan, especially woven fabrics. In actuality, most items are not even made to sell to tourists. Many women, especially in central and eastern Bhutan, weave at home. They do not belong to any particular social group or corporation, but are simple village women who use their spare time to weave clothes for their family and sell what is left over. Most craftsmen, except gold smiths and painters, are peasants who produce craft products, particularly daily articles and fabrics during their free time. The examples of renowned specialties from different regions are the silks from eastern Bhutan, woolen products from Bumthang, Bamboo wares from Khyeng (central Bhutan), Brocade from Lhuntse, wooden crafts from Tashiyangtse (eastern Bhutan), gold & silver work from Thimphu and yak hair goods from northern region of Lingtshi & Laya. 

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