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(From Paro to Lhasa and back to Paro, meals, transportations, airfare, lodging, entry fees, airport taxes are all included)


DAY 1       Gather at Paro Airport – Paro to Katmandu. Transfer to hotel in Katmandu


DAY 2       Katmandu Tour – Jarungkhashor Stupa (Boudhanath), Syambhu Stupa,

                   Pasupati, Khentse Gonpa, Chapjay Gonpa.


DAY 3     Kathmandu / Zhangmu (2300 m), 123 Kms

4 hours scenic drive to Kodari (Nepal-China border) also known as Khasa in Nepali. Cross friendship bridge over the Sun Kosi river. After compellation of immigration, meeting with our Tibetan guide and crews. Drive uphill to Zhamgu, several kilometers from the bridge.  Overnight Hotel Zhangmu.


DAY 4    ZHANGMU / SHEGAR (4350 m),  244 Kms

Drive to Shegar (New Tingri), from the lush green hills to semi arid landscape of the great Tibetan plateau. Cross two scarcely noticeable high points Tong La (5120m) and Lalung La Pass (5124 m), with the steep valley between them and commands incomparable and breathtaking views of a whole range of the snow-clad mountains on its south and vast expansion of wasteland on north. Shegar once the capital of Tingri region and a visit the Shegar Dzong (Crystal Fortress) ruins perched on the cliffs above is worth visiting.


DAY 5      SHEGAR / SHIGATSE (3900 m), 244 Kms

Drive to Shigatse along the friendship road, passing lonely monasteries and nomads camp. Cross Gyamtso La alias Jia Tsuo La (5252m) the highest pass en-route to Lhasa. We then visit the SAKYA monastery that governed the whole of Tibet in 13th Century, after the downfall of the Kings, which is 26  kilometers off the highway. After rejoining highway, cross another high pass Yulung La (4950 m). Overnight hotel Shigatse.    


DAY 6      SHIGATSE / GYANTSE (3900  m), 90 Kms

AM: In Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. Visit the famous Tahilumpho monastery, the seat of Panchen Lama, who is considered even holier than the Dalai Lama by some Tibetans. Tashilumpho, meaning heap of Glory was founded in 1447 and is the largest functioning monastery in Tibet.

After lunch 2 hours drive to Gyantse. Once in Gyantse, explore Phaldor Chode Monastery founded in 1365 and the Khumbhu (meaning the place of ten thousand images) is the spectacular gold domed pagoda, which represent the finest example of 15th Century Newari art extent in the world and is the most stunning architectural wonder in Tibet. Overnight accommodation in Hotel Gyantse.


DAY 7      GYANTSE / LHASA (3650 m) 259 Kms.

Drive to Lhasa, a fabulous drive that takes you over Karo La (5010 m) with stunning glimpse of Yamdrok-Tso and awesome roadside views of Nojin Kangtsang glacier flowing down, few hundred meters from us. Drive continues along the bank of Yamdrok Tso, the third largest lake and one of the four holy lakes of Tibet. After leaving Yamdrok ?Tso, cross Kamba-La (4794 m) with a dazzling scorpion's finger shaped view of Yamdrok Tso on the south and a long, barren valley, glistens the Yarlong Tsangpo river ahead. Check in Hotel Lhasa. 


DAY 8       IN LHASA (3650 m)

Exploration of Sera Monastery, one of the well conserved monasteries in Tibet. Sera literally means 'Merciful Hail', was one of the greatest Gelugpa monastery, second to Drepung Monastery and was founded in 1419. Its once used to huge several hundred monks within its wall and golden roof to study and was famous for its Trantric teachings.

After lunch, visit Norbulinka, the summer palace of His Holiness Dalai Lama Followed by a visit to Jokhang Temple, considered as the most scared monastery in Tibet which is  surrounded by the central maker of Tibet-Barkor Bazaar. We will conclude our today's trip by having tea and snacks in of the restaurant of this market, discussing and recalling the each corner that we visited.


DAY 9      IN LHASA (3650 m)

Visit of Potala Palace, the seat of Exile His Holiness Dalai Lama, comprising the private quarter of Dalai Lama and other state room and various other vital synagogues of Tibetan Buddhism. This tremendous Palace was constructed in 17th century, prior, the site was a palace of King Songtsen Gompa's (7th Century),  long before the fifth Dalai Lama decided to move the seat of his Gelugpa's government from Drepung Monastery to this site.


A visit to Drepung Monastery after lunch involves truly awe-inspiring impression. Drepung monastery, the largest among the Gelugpa monasteries was founded in 1416. The Ganden Palace established within in 1530 by second Dalai Lama, was a home of His Holiness until the Fifth Dalai Lama moved to Potala. In this period the monastery used to shelter highest number of monks from 7000 to 10, 000, residential monk.


DAY 10    Transfer to Gongar airport, farewell greeting by crews. 1 hours 10 minutes flight to Kathmandu, one of the most beautiful flight journey in the world, that goes over Mt. Kanchenjung and Mt. Everest. View-unbelievable! Upon arrival in Kathmandu transfer to hotel .


 Day 11     Transfer to airport, Katmandu – Paro, and disperse the tour.



 The Cultural and Historic Highlights of Central Tibet . 


Best Season: April-November

Tour Attractions:  - Fly from Kathmandu, Beijing or   Chengdu to Lhasa.

- Explore the Central Tibetan

  Heartland. - Visit Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse   and Tsetang. 



This 8 day tour takes in all the highlights of central Tibet. Following a circular route from Tsedang to Lhasa we explore the Yarlung Tsangpo Valley, the cradle of Tibetan civilization, and then preceeding on the southern route past Yamdrok Tso (Turquoise lake), to the historical towns of Gyantse and Shigatse. From Shigatse we take the Northern route through the scenic, rugged Tsangpo river valley, culminating our tour in Lhasa, the once forbidden city.  In Tsedang visit Samye the oldest Monasery in Tibet and the Yambu Lakhang, castle of the Tibetan Kings. At Shigatse visit the great Tashilungpo monastery and atGyantse the multi-storied Kumbum Stupa. In Lhasa visit the famous Potala Palace and Norbulinkha summer palace, the great monastery of Drepung, the Jokhang Temple and walk through the bustling Barkor Bazaar. A choice of hotels are available in Lhasa and best hotels in other places. The most comprehensive tour to see all the power places of Tibet.

 TOUR AVAILABILITY for Central Tibet Tour: 2013

 SATURDAY ex Kathmandu, Nepal (Year Round).  

TUESDAY & THURSDAY ex Kathmandu, Nepal (April to October).   

DAILY ex Chengdu or Beijing, China (Year Round).

Private tours are available on request.

Flights to Lhasa are available from Kathmandu, Chengdu or Beijing.



ITINERARY for Central Tibet Tour


ARRIVE TIBET Fly to LHASA from Kathmandu, Chengdu or Beijing. Drive down the Tsangpo valley to Tsedang. PM free to rest and acclimatize. Hotel.


TSEDANG SIGHTSEEING  Visit Samye, the oldest Monastery in Tibet and Yambulakhang, the first castle built by the Tibetan Kings. Hotel in Tsedang.


TSEDANG - GYANTSE  Drive to Gyantse passt Turquoise Lake and crossing the Karo La pass. Visit The Khumbhum Stupa & Phalkor Monastery. Hotel.


GYANTSE - SHALU - SHIGATSE Drive Gyantse to Shigatse. Enroute visti Shalu Monastery. Hotel. 


SHIGATSE - LHASA  After visiting the Tashilungpo Monastery drive across Tsoula and Gyatsola pass to Xhegar. Enroute visit Sakya Monastery. Hotel.


LHASA SIGHTSEEING In Lhasa visit Potala Palace, Norbulinka, Drepung & Sera monasteries, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Bazaar. Hotel.


DEPARTURE FROM LHASA Enter Nepal and drive to Kathmandu. End of Central Tibet Tour.



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