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Bhutan being known for its valleys and rivers, offers a variety of choices for those who are fond of Rafting and Kayaking adventures.

Relatively only a short section of the main rivers are suitable for kayaking and rafting because of its very steep and powerful river as well as the road access is limited. Bhutan offers a exclusive destination for avid kayakers who are comfortable in class three and class four rivers, with fascinating rivers that are both challenging and some of the most outstanding rivers in the world.

The most popular river known for its water sports is located in Punakha valley (The Pho Chhu), it is easily available by road and has a link of class III rapids. You can also view the world’s most endangered bird popularly known as the White-belled Heron, which is normally seen on the sight of Pho Chhu River. The river Pho Chhu is little scientific and a few rapids on the river have names, the Wrathful Buddha and Strainers Paradise. The river is aqua blue in colour, being much more clearer than the Mo Chhu( located in the adjoining valley).

If you have always been longing for a peaceful morning, Punakha valley our scenic float past the Punakha Dzong is recommended. River Mo Chhu being a female river of the Punakha Valley, the segment of the Mo Chhu River is graded as class II and I and the total distance of the entire ssegment of the river is 6 km. The Mo Chhu River starts from the base of Khamsum Yulley monastery, a charming spot along with a suspension bridge joining the opposite village with terraced rice fields with a road ahead.

Kingfishers that make their charisma with sharp cries and with a spark of dazzling blue across the river is the only movement apart from the river flowing down stream. While on the way to Punakha Dzong you may also notice the fishes jumping in the river, which is indeed a familiar sight and the rural country side slowly unfolding then disappearing behind you. A beautiful canter leaver bridge connects the old fortress with the modern parking lot. As this is a raft trip where no skills are needed and is highly recommendable for all including as well as children too!

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