Co-Owner Karma Tshering, the only licensed paragliding pilot in Bhutan, trained with Adam Hill of Frontiers Paragliding and later he and Adam conducted a detailed aerology and feasibility tour and designed this itinerary based on their findings. The Jakar and Ura valleys are also filled with old temples and picturesque villages, and as a parglider in Bhutan you will be one of the few people in the world to ever see Bhutanese valleys from the unique vantage point in the sky. Landing zones are large and open, free of overhead wires, and the take offs are equally comfortable. There are often long hikes to the TOs, but we always include local porters in the package so you can focus on enjoying the hike instead of carrying your heavy glider. We have one fixed itinerary, but we are open to developing more during this season. It is even possible to arrange single or couple paraglider tours and, with enough prior arrangement, we can arrange special tandem trips as well. Just send us an email!   

Paratour through Bhutan Duration: 11N, 12D Max elevation: 3822m Season: Sept-Oct Accommodation: Hotel 

After extensive surveys with experienced pilots, we have found several stellar sites for paragliding in Bhutan. Winter winds and monsoon rains limits this trip to the months of September and October. This trip gives seven solid days of flying and siteseeing is included during the travel days. We usually fill the evenings with exciting games of parala (Bhutanese dice game) or marriage (Bhutanese card game) while enjoying a few local beers or ara.  

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